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Deployment of our Ground Anchor System

Ground anchors are typically deployed by man or machine. In the case of the former, a man and a hammer can be very productive when the crew are experienced and fit. The capital costs are low and the technology is simple. Those are the only features where traditional methods are better.

Machine driven screws perform better and are installed more easily than stakes driven by hand or by a mechanised hammer. Our systems allow the installer to use advanced methods of anchoring with simple training procedures. Screw anchors can be 2 or 3 times as effective as a typical straight stake. Until now, the problems of installing screw anchors have been too significant to allow wide spread adoption. In general, the larger and deeper the anchor, the more effective the anchor is. In the case of the latter, the machinery has typically been very expensive or custom made or both. Our system allows untrained operatives the ability to install and certify ground anchors up to 2 tonnes holding force with simple instructions. As can be seen above, the insertion of traditional anchors is a job for construction industry professionals. Our intention is to make it easy to provide adequate holding down force for simple jobs such as Heras type fencing or advertising banners or flagpoles. Site contractors such as stage, scaffold, marquee, seating grandstand and fairground equipment installers can all use the ground as a structural part of the system if the system is certifiable. For the first time, this can be done from the boot of a car or small van. Typically, our products outperform traditional stakes by a factor of at least 2 to 1.