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Testing our Structural Anchor System

The ability of an anchorage system to perform the intended job is limited by ground conditions. As these ground conditions change, either through disturbance or through rain, the variables become too great to depend on for tripod-01-300x500structural purposes. Modern temporary structures such as stages, tented structures and scaffold systems all require anchoring and kentilage.

The only accurate way to certify the ground anchors to current acceptable EU and UK Standards is to test a representative sample of the installed anchors. Without a simple, effective and easily portable test rig, it has often been the practice of contractors to avoid testing or not do the tests properly. With our Structural Anchor Systems test tripod, it is possible deploy and move the rig manually from the back of a car or small van. The tripod has a 5 tonne pull ram which is hand pumped. The tests are usually up to 2,000 kilograms but anchors can become stuck in the ground, so the tripod is useful to force the anchor out.

The tripod can be tilted to allow for angled pull tests. We have other solutions for testing of anchors when the structure is already erected.